paper generators

Harvesting energy from touching, rubbing and sliding

»Paper generators« are a new energy harvesting technology that generates electrical energy from a user’s interactions with paper-like materials. The energy harvesters are flexible, light, and inexpensive, and they utilize a user’s gestures such as tapping, touching, rubbing and sliding to generate energy. The harvested energy is then used to actuate LEDs, e-paper displays and other devices to create interactive applications for books and other printed media.

»Paper generators« is a project of the interaction group at Disney Research Pittsburgh.

»Paper Generators« were presented at the UIST Symposium 2013. For the demo section at the conference I designed a kit that allows everybody to build his own paper generator on a postcard. This kit contained a postcard with printed electrodes (conductive ink), copper tape and a LED. The demo was awarded with »Best Demo«.

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